Malgorzata Dymek

Video Wieliczka salt of the earth "directed by Sadrolin Tam presents the stories of the Salt Mine
in Wieliczka over the centuries. Provides an excellent example of an educational film, which can be used in school education at all stages of education. Summarizes and gives in a little over 40 minutes of enclosure history of mining in a horizontal manner, but very clear.

Holistically the topic satisfies the requirements of program standards for school curriculum,
and also invites you to watch "in the real world" that our Perly Malopolska. Another advantage is the character guide - George Sztura - which conducts us through the underground mine. Material contained in the film is transparent, clear, without any scientific digression, which is another advantage. Incredible impression compounded by the sensational selected music. Being a native wieliczanka - really watched it with "bated breath". Makes you think. I encourage you to watch the movie and a really great use as a means of teaching.
Malgorzata balloon
Director of primary school


Ewa Kozysa-Pasierbek

Recently I had the opportunity to watch film pt. Wieliczka - salt of the earth "directed by Sdrolin Tam.Przed show wondered whether or not it is worth and see another typical case of school image that nothing surprises me.

How much was wrong, I found already in the first minute séance. An excellent soundtrack harming the beautiful shots of places rarely viewed by the Museum of Salt Zup, Jerzy Stuhr as a guide dressed in a miner's uniform and interesting narration referring to the many little

known events in the history of the mine - all this meant that after seeing the works of less than an hour, I wanted to immediately go to the Museum. Another swietny procedure used in the film are the expression of foreign tourists visiting the mines translated into Polish in the form of subtitles. Can also see the movie in English with Polish subtitles (the brilliant narration by Sir David Attenborough), which as anglistka, would certainly take on their activities. Ewa Kozysa-Pasierbek teacher j.angielskiego in SP in Jaskowicach


Aldona Walas

This video shows us the Contemporary visions of sensitivity and devotion to the miners who supply us from the earth for centuries salt indispensable to today. "Wieliczka Salt Mine" was also the world-class monument, inscribed as one of the first sites on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The film shows us the hard work of miners and unavailable for the mine beyond the tourist route.

It has been emphasized appropriately selected background music and the charming voice of actor George oprowadzajacego-Stuhra.Jest this wonderful passage from the beginnings of the creation of the mine to date, interesting and innovative teaching material, not only for the young generation
Physical education teacher

Aldona Walas


Katarzyna Seweryn-Haberka

Nieszablonowy film, showing the beauty, history, wealth, suffering, traditions. I think it is a perfect teaching aid presenting the open since the Middle Ages to today, salt mines. The documentary material presented corresponds to the students every step of learning.

Possession of this material recommend the film to every school director, teacher, which is not alien to the culture and care about the material that the students do not "passed" next to Wieliczka Salt Mine - a unique monument, without knowledge of its attendance over several hundred years old, who was and is to Today pride of our region, and country. It should also be noted that the mine is stored on the UNESCO World Heritage
and Natural Heritage.

Catherine Seweryn-HABERKA
Director of Primary Schools
in Ryczówku


Renata Maciejczyk

Jerzy Stuhr, this time as a guide accompanies tourists the Wieliczka Salt Mine. In the latest film Sadrolina Tana "Wieliczka - the salt of the earth" reveals to us the wondrous treasures. Film director, a Swede, Sadrolin Tan created the work of about the history of Wieliczka salt extraction.

In the film actor known for teaching the mine, the life of the miners, they really kiedys extremely hard and dangerous work. Watch this projection has allowed me to look at the mines in a whole new way, not only as a tourist place but first and foremost as a national heritage treasure, which every young man should know. At today's pace of life is not always a young man I have time to personally experience the intimacy of Wieliczka Salt Mine beauty. This multimedia guide is the perfect incentive to find time and visit the underground salt to move to a strange world treasures and natural wonders.
Picture elicited my admiration for the many art treasures in one place, which saw not walk the corridors of the mine, excellent soundtrack to the film stopniowala voltage in artistic passions.
As an art teacher at the Secondary Schools of local government in Inwald encourages everyone not just the teacher, but a conscious citizen of Malopolska opportunities to jump their charges, the children meet with the students the work of art film and then experienced the enchantment Mine Wieliczka.


Zbigniew Grabowski

Video Wieliczka salt of the earth ", depicting the history and heritage of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, surprising depth historical analysis in terms of social, economic and political. Warm, yet transparent material and builds the mood of the narrative, highlighting the pictures and camera movement.

The film is an excellent teaching aid for lessons of history, art, knowledge of society and other subjects. Is a 'pill' knowledge of one of the most valuable monuments of our history and culture.

Director of primary school
Zbigniew Grabowski


Barbara Wlosiak

The film has a large value poznawcze.W understandable and simple way presents the history of the salt mine in Wieliczce.Informacja the methods of salt is very well illustrated with practical demonstration.

I believe that a movie can be an interesting measure dydaktyczznym used at the school in August podstawowej.Chetnie has used it before I leave for school trip to Krakow and the surrounding areas, to encourage students and their
parents to participate in it.

nauczycil history, director of primary school
Barbara Wlosiak


Krzysztof Ciurej

The film presents the stories in an interesting way, and values of the salt mine in Wieliczce.W within 40 minutes is shown as working miners in the mine, "evolution" of technology from the beginning with simple tools using muscle power through the work of horses, ending with contemporary technology.

Deserves admiration on the form to submit a picture enriched by a magnificent mood music, which makes the viewer becomes an eye witness of events that have occurred during the existence of the mine.

Filma undoubtedly invites to visit the mine and see that are there, the museum exhibits. In addition, it can be used in didactic activities carried out in schools. It is worth recommending especially the schools, which have no possibility to organize educational trips to Wieliczka.

Biology teacher in elementary school
Krzysztof Ciura


Anna Bednarska

The general impression of the film very good. Excellent, sublime music that's great atmosphere makes this place. The leading Jerzy Stuhr, of course does not require comment. Professional in every inch. Interesting story told in a very special place. I think it's an interesting idea to encourage you to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

I was never not there, and now very happy to choose there in August with his son, who is interested in history. I think that this film can be a very good educational material for children and young people. The film moves and stimulates reflection.

Anna Bednarska



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