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The production of Wieliczka – The Salt of the Earth began during June of 1998 and so far all parts of the mine have been filmed. Parts of the mine that have been filmed in recent years are closed and inaccessible to employees and tourists.

The film has won several international awards and has been distributed to Polish embassies and consulates worldwide. It was produced by a Swedish team and has been translated to 30 languages. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the film because it reflects the history of Poland in such an exhilarating way. Awards include International Tourfilm Festival: International Festival of Tourist, Ecological and Sport Film; Mefest: Nature Protection Institute of Serbia for the best ecological film; and many more. See the film to heighten the experience of your visit or simply to learn more about a time when salt was “the grey gold.” The film makes it possible to experience more of the mine than would ever be possible otherwise.

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