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Legend has it that when Princess Kinga of Hungary was to marry Duke Boleslav of Cracow, her father King Bela gave her a saltmine for her dowry.

Before leaving Hungary, Kinga threw her engagement ring into the mine. 

Approaching the city of Cracow, she ordered a pit to be dug, from which a large lump of salt was extracted - with her engagement ring inside! This piece of magic earned Poland a much-needed saltmine and Kinga herself a special place in the story of Wieliczka.

wieliczka 24 Imagine spending your life digging for gold in a dangerous underground labyrinth, lit only by flickering candles. It’s enough to play tricks on anyone´s senses! And imagine listening to the stories and experiences of the older miners. About the beautiful White Lady who entices you to follow her to a disused part of the mine…  Or the bearded Treasurer - referred to only as"He" -  on his rounds, keeping a watchful eye on both the priceless mineral and the men who mined it.
wieliczka 23  He" can suddenly cross a miner's path, warning him of danger ahead. –  danger in the enticing shape of Bieliczka, who personified the lure of the shimmering crystals and the precious “grey gold”.




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